2012 Episcopal Church Women community connection gift

2012 Episcopal Church Women community connection gift

Each Triennial the Episcopal Church Women Board chooses a Community Connection Gift recipient. The 2012 recipient is The John P. Craine House. The John P. Craine House (Craine House) was established in 1979 by The Right Reverend John P. Craine, Bishop of the Diocese of Indiana and the Reverend Jackie Means. Caine House is a unique alternative sentencing residential facility that allows women convicted of non-violent crimes to serve out their remaining sentences with their pre-school age children in a safe and structured environment. There are only six facilities like Craine House in the United States.

Since its inception, Craine House has successfully served more than 500 women by offering programs that:

  1. Provide training and skill development necessary to improve the women’s lives and the lives of their children
  2. GED and Job Readiness
  3. Substance Abuse Treatment
  4. Family Preservation
  5. Child Care
  6. Requires and assists women in gaining employment
  7. Assists in budgeting, money management, time management and the meaning of being in community by having each resident pay their fair share and share the household duties

Craine House is successful because it:

  1. Preserves the mother and child relationship
  2. Protects the child/children from becoming victims of abuse and criminal activity
  3. Provides programs that helps in reducing the recidivism rate
  4. Cost less than the prison and foster care of child/children

The Craine House depends on generous contributions and grants to meet the needs of the women and children served. The Episcopal Church Women of the Continuing Diocese of Fort Worth are requesting cash donations for this worthy cause. Please make your checks payable to the Diocese of Fort Worth with a note in the memo line for Craine House.

Thank you so much for you contributions.
Your ECW Board
(Sandy Shockley, The Reverend Clayola Gitane, The Reverend Shara Marks, Marti Fagley, Lynn Minor, Meredith Killingsworth, Cynthia Hill, Jackie Meeks, Laura Adcock)