2014 Executive Council member list updated

2014 Executive Council member list updated

The membership of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth changed slightly as a result of the revision of the deanery system, approved by Executive Council in January 2014. Here is the membership as of March 1, 2014.

*Members with voice but no vote
**Members with neither voice nor vote

President: Bishop, Rayford B. High, Jr.
First Vice President: VACANT (Canons provide that the Bishop Coadjutor fill this office)
Second Vice President: President of the Standing Committee, Elinor Normand
Third Vice President: President of the Diocesan Corporation, Jim Hazel
*Secretary: Bruce Coggin
*Diocesan Treasurer: Robert Hicks

Northern Deanery (All Saints, Good Shepherd, St. Stephen’s, Wichita Falls)
*Dean: J.D. Todd (14), All Saints, Wichita Falls
*Sub-Dean: Ann Lucas (14), St. Stephen’s, Wichita Falls
Lay Representatives:
Marsha van Etten DeChant (14), All Saints, Wichita Falls
Brent Walker (15), St. Stephen’s, Wichita Falls
Clergy Representative
John Payne (16), St. Stephen’s, Wichita Falls.

Southwestern Deanery (Good Shepherd, Granbury; St Mary’s, Hamilton; St. Luke’s, Stephenville; All Saints, Weatherford; St. Francis of Assisi, Willow Park)
*Dean: Jane Dennis (14), St. Luke’s, Stephenville
*Sub-Dean: Marti Fagley (14), All Saints, Weatherford
Lay Representatives:
Dave Shockley (16), St. Mary’s, Hamilton
Louis Eichenberger (15), St. Francis, Willow Park
Clergy Representative:
Curt Norman (14), St. Luke’s, Stephenville

Fort Worth East Deanery (St. Alban’s, Arlington, St. Luke’s in the Meadow, Fort Worth; St. Stephen, Hurst; St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Keller)
*Dean: Spencer Mabry (14), St. Stephen’s, Hurst
*Sub-Dean: Amy Haynie (14), St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Keller
Lay Representatives:
Don Parks (15), St. Alban’s, Arlington
Kimberly Kingsbury (16), St. Luke’s in the Meadow, Fort Worth
Clergy Representative
Melanie Wright, (14), St. Alban’s, Arlington

Fort Worth South Deanery (St. Andrew’s, Fort Worth; St. Christopher, Fort Worth; St. Simon, Fort Worth; Trinity, Fort Worth; St. Mary, Hillsboro)
*Dean: Edwin Barnett (14), St Andrew’s, Fort Worth
*Sub-Dean: Margaret Mieuli (14), St. Christopher, Fort Worth
Lay Representatives:
Cherie Shipp (14), Trinity, Fort Worth
Ted Lange (16), St. Andrew’s, Fort Worth
Clergy Representative:
Andrew Wright (15), Trinity, Fort Worth

Fort Worth West Deanery (All Saints, Fort Worth; Christ the King, Fort Worth; Holy Apostles, Fort Worth; St. Anne, Fort Worth; St. Elisabeth, Fort Worth)
*Dean: Chris Jambor (14), All Saints, Fort Worth
*Sub-Dean: Cynthia Hill (14), All Saints, Fort Worth
Lay Representatives:
George Komechak (14), Holy Apostles, Fort Worth
Barbara Chowning (16), All Saints, Fort Worth
Clergy Representative:
Hope Benko (15), All Saints School, Fort Worth

Diocesan Office (resources to Executive Council with neither voice nor vote):
** Canon to the Ordinary Janet Waggoner
** Ministry Developer Demi Prentiss
** Chancellor Kathleen Wells
** Communications Katie Sherrod
** Finance Cte Chair Floyd McKneely