Bishop Mayer visits Trinity, Fort Worth

Bishop Mayer visits Trinity, Fort Worth

Bishop Scott Mayer visited Trinity, Fort Worth, on Sunday, May 20, 2018. He confirmed 12 people, received four into The Episcopal Church, and reaffirmed the baptismal vows of two.

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He confirmed Catherine Celeste Normand, Nicholas Matthew Parker, Brianna Alexandra Cano, Samuel Luke Ferguson, William Calhoun James, William Shackleford Gillett, Landa Sloan Orrick, John Richard Conard, Gabriel Allen Jagush, Isabella Sanchez Leo, and Jeffry Paul Faircloth. He received Andrew Philip Gardos, Clayton Lewis Geran and Patricia Marie Geran, and reaffirmed the baptismal vows of Leslie Darter and Graham Blanton Stiles.

He confirmed James Russell Reid and received Molly Smith Reid into The Episcopal Church, both from All Saints’, Fort Worth.




The parish was in a celebratory mood following two exciting events the day before —  the spectacular sermon by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and the election of their rector, the Rev. Carlye Hughes as bishop of the Diocese of Newark. As Bishop Mayer said in his introductory remarks, it was a big weekend for Episcopalians.

Trinity also took their annual Pentecost parish photograph, a merry occasion for much arranging and rearranging of folk so every face could be seen.

Listen to a podcast of Bishop Mayer’s sermon and read the text.

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