Church in the park, animal blessing

Church in the park, animal blessing

On Sunday, October 2, St. Luke’s in the Meadow, Fort Worth, held Church in the Park with a service in the Pavilion at Oakland Lake Park in east Fort Worth. Everyone was welcome, and in honor of St, Francis, a Blessing of the Animals was offered.

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A relaxed crowd of more than 70 people and more than 25 dogs and one cat participated. One dog arrived dressed for church with a necktie. Creatures great and small sat quietly for the most part, although some friendly sniffing and nose touching went on. A couple of dogs joined in the singing.


The Rev. Karen Calafat blessed each animal, including one small dog described as the “demon puppy” by his fond owner. Certificates of Pet Blessing were available as were homemade dog treats. Neckerchiefs also were handed out to several pets and bags of dog treats were made available.