Help 4Saints Food Pantry get ready for Christmas

Help 4Saints Food Pantry get ready for Christmas

4Saints Episcopal Food Pantry needs your help for the holidays:

Hey, all you wonderful supporters of the food pantry. It’s holiday time again. In the past we have requested that you contribute to Christmas sacks for both kids and adults. But this year we simply don’t have room at the new location to store or distribute the gift bags.

So this year we have a simple request that is no less generous.

We are asking that you consider buying $5 gift cards to either Quick Trip or Dollar Tree, or both! Every adult will receive the same monetary value, so it will be more equitable.

And for the kiddos, please consider buying socks and gloves. We will gather these items in big baskets (not individually wrapped) and allow the parents to choose which ones will be appropriate for their child (or children). We need many sets of socks 🧦🧦and gloves 🧤🧤.

This will be possible if many people are willing to donate, so be watching for sales in the next couple of weeks. We will provide the gifts to the clients on December 10 and 17 so the families have them before Christmas.

Please encourage your fellow church members and friends to support the pantry in this very tangible way. Thanks in advance for your kindness and generosity. Let’s all participate in a “landslide of love” for our neighbors.