Help for job seekers at All Saints’ career workshop

Help for job seekers at All Saints’ career workshop

The recent announcement of long-time Fort Worth employer Radio Shack’s demise means some people in North Texas, including some in Episcopal church pews, may find themselves unemployed. The Career Solutions Workshop at All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Fort Worth is a useful resource for anyone actively seeking new employment or hoping to make their next step up the career ladder.

The workshop, also known as the Job Seekers class, is offered every Monday at 6 pm in the church’s parish hall. The class is presented over 12 weeks, and the cycle continually repeats. Job hunters are welcome and encouraged to join the class at any time.There is no charge for the class, other than purchasing a paperback text and workbook.

Topics covered in the workshop include effective networking, resumé development, how to create and present an oral resume and much more. The All Saints’ class is taught by Ms. Maureen Walkinshaw, a veteran recruiter, with assistance from All Saints’ parishioner Ms. Mary Shannon. The Rev. Johnson Shannon serves as pastoral adviser. Special guest presenters offer expert advice and counsel on special topics.

A job hunter who might not have been in the marketplace for a few years will find a supportive and encouraging place to enhance job-searching savvy and the interviewing skills that today’s hiring managers expect to see. The class covers not just the logistics of launching an intensive job search, but also the emotional and spiritual aspects of dealing with unemployment and life change.

For more information on the Career Solutions Workshop at All Saints’ Episcopal Church, please contact Mary Shannon via email at, or call 817-732-1424 . All Saints’ Episcopal Church is located at 5001 Crestline Road in Fort Worth.