New training system for safeguarding courses

New training system for safeguarding courses

The company that creates and maintains the diocese’s online safeguarding courses, Praesidium, is upgrading to a new training system, the Praesidium Academy, this month.

Anyone who has a login to the current system and has taken at least one course module since 2017 should receive access to the new system via a system generated email.

If you do not receive a system generated email and need to access the course catalogue, contact Michele King (817-534-1900 or at on the bishop’s staff and you will receive access.  Course modules can no longer be accessed through the old system.

Take a look at this quick demo and important info on how to use the new training system here:

It can be difficult to navigate new systems, but Praesidium Academy has created a wonderful online support team that will be available to help navigate through the changes.