Nominations open for 2020 Convention

Nominations open for 2020 Convention

Nominations are now open for eight positions that will be filled at the 2020 Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, which will be held via Zoom on Saturday, November 14.

When you submit the nomination form, you will get an email telling you the form has been received and instructing you on how to submit your head shot photo and bio.

Nominations Form

Convention: Nomination Form
Be sure to talk to the person first to make sure they agree to be nominated.

Nominee's information

Describe why you are nominating this person for this role


Any nominations after the closing date of September 11, 2020 may be made from the floor at diocesan convention. Nominations from the floor will follow all the requirements for candidates, including sufficient copies of the nominees’ picture and biographical information for all clergy and convention delegates, plus verification of qualifications. The requirements for nominations from the floor of convention appear in Canon I. “Nominations from the Floor,” in the Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, found on the committee’s page, here.


In addition, the following individual positions are nominated by the bishop and confirmed by the convention.

  • Diocesan Secretary and Assistant to the Secretary
  • Diocesan Registrar
  • Diocesan Historiographer
  • Diocesan Treasurer and Assistant to the Treasurer
  • Diocesan Chancellor
  • Corporation Trustee
  • Episcopate endowment trustee

Groups which welcome new members each year, appointed by the bishop include:

  • Commission on Ministry
  • Finance Committee
  • Diocesan Schools Commission
  • Constitution and Canons Committee

If you would like to volunteer in these areas and potentially make yourself available for a future nomination, please email the nominations committee at to let them know of your interest, in case the bishop needs recommendations.

For more information on nominations, please email