Mr. Lou Eichenberger
Louis Eichenberger

Louis Eichenberger

St. Christophers, Ft. Worth

I have been on the Executive Council for the last five years from various positions (Dean and after the deanery re-organization, elected representative from a deanery) and would appreciate the opportunity to continue this service. I am currently on the Finance Committee (since 2017) and the Risk Management Committee (since 2014, as the logical thinker balancing all the creative thinkers on the committee!), in addition to the Executive Council (with or without vote since 2013). As I am no longer attending a Southwestern Deanery church (due to suspension of ECPC activities), my membership on the Executive Council as the Southwestern Deanery representative will end at the end of this term. My association with the Episcopal Church in Parker County and now St. Christopher’s seems to fit the idea of a “member-at-large” and I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve the Episcopal Diocese of Ft. Worth.

Since my return to the Ft. Worth Diocese in 2009, I was active in the various forms of the Episcopal Church in Parker County and now attend / sing in the choir at St. Christopher’s Church in Ft. Worth. I am a semi-retired nuclear engineer and goat farmer, living with my extended family on our hill top property between Weatherford and Springtown. I have been the Dean of the previous Western Deanery and currently serve as secretary and executive council representative for the Southwestern Deanery (due to previous connection to ECPC). I was chairman of the Structures Committee for one year until a job made it impossible for me to continue in that position. I have volunteered at the last two national conventions although I did not have any official position at those conventions.

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