Disasters: Preparedness, Relief and Recovery

Disasters: Preparedness, Relief and Recovery

Other resources and information

Federal Resources

  • FEMA’s disaster assistance website offers a lookup tool where you can enter an address to find out whether the area is part of a federally declared disaster. If so, there is a survey form to help determine which types of programs you could apply for.

FEMA page

State Resources

Resources related to basic needs

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  • Food Assistance for disaster relief – map of active food assistance programs from USDA
  • Food Safety:  what to keep and what to throw out (and how to clean your fridge and freezer) after a storm, disaster, or power outage.

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Find an open Red Cross shelter

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Sign up for weather and other emergency situation alerts in your area:

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NOAA weather radio station listing by county in Texas

Rivers and flooding – NOAA National Weather Service River Forecast Center