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'hearing' Tagged Posts

New filings for hearing on October 20

In preparation for the hearing scheduled for October 20, the Episcopal Plaintiffs and the breakaway Defendants filed additional materials for the court’s consideration, including proposed orders: Plaintiffs’ Amended Motion to Tender Order, with proposed order (filed 10/13/11); Defendants’ Motion to Sign Supersedeas Order and for Temporary Injunction Relief, with proposed order (filed 10/13/11); (Please note that some of the pages are upside down, which is how the file itself was transmitted. We advise you to print the file and make…

Hearing on Supersedeas Recessed

At the hearing in May 19 on the supersedeas and injunction motions, Judge John P. Chupp heard testimony from witnesses for the Local Episcopal Parties, including experts on real property and forensic accounting; considered affidavits from the Defendants; and heard legal arguments from attorneys on both sides. Before announcing his ruling, Judge Chupp invited the parties to confer in the hope of reaching an agreement on these issues. The attorneys met in the jury room, with Bishop Ohl present, and…

New date set for hearing

On January 25, 2011 the Southern Cone parties filed Objections to the Form of the Summary Judgment Orders granting the summary judgment motions of the Episcopal Parties on January 21. The objections are set for hearing at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, February 8, 2011. You may read a copy of the Episcopal Parties’ response to their objections.