'Peter Steinke' Tagged Posts

'Peter Steinke' Tagged Posts

Steinke resources offered free

Did you miss Peter Steinke’s April and June workshops here in the Diocese of Fort Worth? Does your congregation need help finding its way through anxious times? Steinke’s DVD When Anxiety Strikes and his book How Your Church Family Works are both available through the diocesan office for use in your congregation.
Episcopal diocese of fort worth growing in faith together workshop wrapup photos

Growing in Faith Together second workshop a success

Peter Steinke, congregational systems consultant and ordained Lutheran (ELCA) pastor, and musician Ana Hernandez presented the second set of workshops on family systems,  Growing in Faith Together, on June 20-21, 2014, at Trinity Lutheran Church, Fort Worth. About 40 people gathered on Friday evening and Saturday to learn about the seven indicators for healthy churches that are mission-focused; the six signs of healthy churches based on Acts of the Apostles, the seven habits of health-promoting church leaders, and the adaptive challenges for…

Watch Steinke’s ‘How Your Church Family Works’

Need to brush up on the wisdom Peter Steinke offered to congregation leaders back in April, when he presented “How Your Church Family Works”? Want to get a quick crash course in family systems in the church? We have an app for that! (Well, really, a link.)
word image promoting congregational development workshop in the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth

“Growing in Faith Together – How Your Church Family Works” workshop April 4&5

On Friday, April 4 and Saturday, April 5, 2014, members of congregations throughout the region are invited to “Growing in Faith Together.” The workshop will be at Trinity Lutheran Church,  3621 Tulsa Way, Fort Worth, TX 76107. This workshop is the first of two workshops to offer congregation and diocesan leaders the opportunity to learn foundations of healthy, vital communities of faith and explore topics such as: How your congregation works and how to keep it healthy Why some working relationships in…

Registration is open for ‘Growing Together in Faith’

Sign up today to attend “Growing Together in Faith – How Your Church Family Works,” April 4 and 5. The workshop will feature Peter Steinke and Ana Hernandez as presenters, and will offer an opportunity for your congregation’s leadership team to learn more about embracing change in order to grow.

Books offer preview of Steinke workshop

Peter Steinke will offer a two-part workshop for congregation leaders, “Growing in Faith Together – How Your Church Family Works,” April 4-5 and June 20-21. Steinke has suggested two books as foundational reading for teams who want to prepare for attending the workshop.

Save the Dates! Diocesan leaders to work with Peter Steinke

Leaders throughout the diocese will have the opportunity to interact with Peter L. Steinke, Lutheran pastor and Alban Institute consultant whose books have made systems thinking accessible to congregations and provided their leaders with tools to shape vital, healthy communities of faith.