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'resources' Tagged Posts

Resources for sensible precautions regarding Coronavirus

This page contains updates about developments related to the coronavirus, how the diocesan leadership is responding, and resources for taking precautions to protect our people, congregations and the wider community. UPDATED March 15, 2020 Doing church differently UPDATED March 14, 2020 Bishop Scott Mayer calls the diocese into a Lenten Fast from public worship This story was UPDATED Wednesday, March 11, 2020. Read a message from Bishop Scott Mayer Read a message from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry Read the news…

Leadership Training Day 2020 resources

Nearly 80 lay and ordained leaders participated in the 2020 Leadership Training Day on Saturday, February 12, at Trinity Episcopal Church, Fort Worth. Here are some of the presentations: Bishop Scott Mayer’s opening address Opening session Anglican Identity and the incarnation Bishop Mayer’s Workshop on Why Workshop session on Why Crisis Communications – Katie Sherrod Crisis Communication Leadership Training Leadership in Times of Anxiety – Linda Taylor Leadership in Times of Anxiety 2020

Congregations start from nothing

How do you create sustainable projects/communities when you have nothing to start with? Read what Jonny Baker has to say about Becky Garrison’s book Starting from Zero with $0.