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Bishop High to Executive Council form his smartphone.

Executive Council meeting highlights, March 2013

The Executive Council of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth voted to adopt a revised Vision/Mission Statement and make adjustments to the diocesan budget at their meeting on Saturday, March 16, 2013, in the Lee Conference Center on the courthouse square in Hamilton.

Executive Council adopts a new vision/mission statement

The Executive Council adopted a vision/mission statement at its March 17 meeting at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Wichita Falls: The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth is a welcoming, Christ-centered community of congregations committed to a radical hospitality. Participatory by everyone – laity, bishop, priest and deacon Transparent in all we do Accountable to God, one another, and the wider church Serving • Accepting • Worshipping • Reaching Out Additionally, the committee charged with developing ways to align the diocese…